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As we all know, hospice care can be received everywhere, whether it is at the comfort of the patient’s home, in an assisted living facility, nursing homes, or others. But many are still confused when it comes to the equipment required for this care, and they think that they have to purchase the necessary equipment, but this is not the case. When it comes to hospice care, the patient gets all the medical equipment and supplies required to provide the care to the patients. Well, this is mainly because all of the equipment or most of it is covered by the insurance. Let’s take a better look into how the Best Hospice Salt Lake City arranges the medical equipment required.

Receiving Hospice Care At Home: If you have decided to receive hospice care at home, you must be concerned about the required medical equipment and supplies. Before the treatment begins, the nurse will assess the condition of the patient and determine the medical equipment and supplies required. They will make the arrangement as required, and you will not have to worry about going out your way to make the purchase. The service providers will deliver all supplies and equipment to your home, set it up, and ensure that it is working. Since the team will come to your home to provide the care, you will not have to worry about using it, but they will provide safety instructions to ensure that it is working well.

What Is Covered by Medicare?

As mentioned earlier, insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid covers hospice care. And if you or your loved one has paid into Medicare, hospice care is covered by it. So, what exactly do they cover? It usually covers durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and prescriptions. In short, Medicare or other insurance covers all medical supplies, equipment, and medicine that are prescribed by the doctor for the patient to make sure that the patient receives the care required.

So, What Comes Under Medical Equipment For Hospice:

The medical equipment that you or your loved one require will vary depending on your needs. But here’s a quick overview to give you an idea of the different medical equipment usually used: The essentials include, hospital bed, required medications for the patients, an oxygen concentrator, portable tanks, and incontinence supplies. Other equipment and supplies that can be required include an electrical bed, bedside commode, wheelchair, walker, nebulizer, ostomy supplies, dressings, adult wet wipes, disposable gloves, suction equipment, and others. The equipment and supplies that you or your loved one needs will vary depending on the health needs and condition.

Medical Equipment Usually Required for At-Home Care:

If you or your loved one has decided to receive hospice care at home, there are some equipment and supplies that will be required by the care provider. A hospital bed is always a necessity wherever the patient decides to receive hospice care. And if the patient requires assistance to get around, a wheelchair will probably be recommended. The patient can also be recommended oxygen equipment, such as a concentrator, portable oxygen tank, or tubing. A CPAP machine will be recommended if the patient has trouble sleeping. Along with these, the patient can also be recommended bedside commodes, bedpans, lifts, and others. Although the list is not limited to this alone, these are some necessities.

If you have any questions about the equipment and supplies that are not covered by the insurance, you should talk with your Hospice Care Salt Lake City service provider. So, now that you are clear about whether you have to purchase or the medical equipment and supplies required are covered by Medicare, you can stop stressing and get the care.